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Challenges : Advance 08

Author : WarRock

Korean :
Key 값이 5D88-53B4-52A87D27-1D0D-5B09 일때 Name은 무엇인가
힌트 : Name은 두자리인데.. 알파벳일수도 있고 숫자일수도 있고..
정답인증은 Name의 MD5 해쉬값(대문자)

English :
What is Name when the Key is 5D88-53B4-52A87D27-1D0D-5B09
Hint : The name is 2 letters and it could be either alphabetic or numeric.
Verify your solution with the MD5 value of the Name(in CAPITALS).

file password: codeengn

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