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Challenges : Advance 13

Author : s4tanic0de

Korean :
Password : 042D7650341B4060 일때 Username은 무엇인가
해당 Serial에 대한 정답이 여러개 나오는 문제이며 게시판에 비공개로 글을 남겨주시면 인증 처리해드리겠습니다.
해당 Serial에 대해서 "U got the key, you r0x ;)" 메시지가 나와야 합니다.

English :
Find the Username when the Password is 042D7650341B4060.
(This problem has multiple answers, so post your answer on the messageboard in a private thread and we will verify it for you.)
Note : "U got the key, you r0x ;)" must pop up for the serial.

file password: codeengn

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