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Challenges : Crypto 02

Author : CodeEngn

Korea :
프로그래머의 고수가 제자에게 암호테이블과 문자열을 남기고 세상을 떠났다
그런데 암호테이블은 손상이 되었는데...

손상된 암호테이블 : g i a x ? ? d b k l n q w m f ? c p ? ? z u y j ? v
암호 문자열 : yefpsqfgt
원래의 문자열로 변환 후 인증하시오

English :
One programming guru left a crypto table and an encrypted text to one of his students and passed away.
Unfortunately, the crypto table was kind of messed up...

The malformed crypto table : g i a x ? ? d b k l n q w m f ? c p ? ? z u y j ? v
Encrypted text : yefpsqfgt
Find the original text and verify.

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